Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2015

Nostalgisches feeling

Samstagmorgen hiess es
 wieder mal 
Abschied nehmen...;-)

Fast schon nostalgische Gefühle
 kommen jedesmal in Missouri auf,
da hier noch in den Gaststätten
 geraucht werden darf und
 man es wie damals so 
richtig gemütlich nehmen kann...

Nahe der legendären Route 66
ist ein Stück Germany zu finden:

Und auch der Bob ist da:

Josie stillte in Arkansas ihren Durst...

'On time' beim Kunden 
mit dem gelben M ;-)

Am Abend ging es mit Josie solo
resp. bobtail in die Stadt zu einer
der besten Buffet Ketten:
 Golden Corral

Bis die Tage, bleibt gesund 
und ...weiter dran !


  1. Sounds to me that you: Joe & Josie do enjoy your off time as much as you enjoy your Driving time!!!
    You live your life with no Regrets & this is good indeed !!!!
    You could write your own "Book" of your Lengend of your pass to those are coming behind us as new Owner Operators !!! ahahah :)
    1 thing you do, I hadn't, but life in a "Nut Shell" I call it. I didn't take the time to enjoy life on our Roads & see what God design in Nature, but thanks to Friends & Drivers like you; I get to see what I hadn't before !!! For what this is worth; I believe in the Power of Prayer & Power of God & I lift you & Josie up in Prayer daily... :)
    Enjoy Life to Your Fullest

  2. I learn a new word this week from Joe; "cheerio" heard it b4 on movies; but forgotten it.....the funny things in life that makes our life more graceful....
    Well I find my self going out & start my little truck a few hours because of our fidget cold winter were experiencing this year 2015...
    Been a very long time since I had to hook a tow strap on a car & tow it & put in a warm garage to warm the drive line so it could thaw out to start. Yes last night 02-16-15 & snowy too & cold my brother had towed me with his pickup as i steer my little 4x4 truck behind with my driver side window down so my windows didn't fog up... Yes me was dress warm with minus -30 degree clothing on & seems i experiences last night what you Joe & Josie is experiencing along our highways & byways in both our Countries this Winter of 2014--2015 ....
    Just try keep your Spirit up & I know personally this at times can be difficult sometimes to be. Like my self, I am sure we all get frustrated at times & just want to give up; but were must push forward; YES !!
    Once again I find my self feeling like so many do from time to time, trying to figure out what is best, these times I come on Joe Blog & enjoy His Adventures of His Life !!!
    You see Joe, you do help others; even if you never knew !!! Through your Blogs of Sharing your dreams !!!
    I once again thanx U very much like always U know !!!!
    So once again; take care & be careful with your self & "Josie" & keep "her" between the lines out there & try your best to keep away from those ">crazy>" american Drivers that feel they must Drive 90 mph on icy snowy roads u know....
    Cheerio my Friend from all over this globe,& "Germany"